300 Prospective Marriage Visa

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Project Introduction

This visa is a temporary visa that lets you come to Australia to marry your prospective spouse and then apply for a Partner visa. This visa is valid for 9 months. The applicant can apply for the 820/801 Partner visa after obtaining the 300 visa and completing the registered marriage in Australia.

Project Advantages

No requirement for the applicant's education, English, assets, work experience, etc.
No assurance of support required
During the visa period, you can freely enter and leave Australia
Study or work in Australia during the visa period
You can submit the partner visa application within the validity period of the visa, obtain a bridging visa, and wait for the visa result

Application Requirements

Not had a visa cancelled or an application refused
Be outside Australia when you apply
Have a sponsor (your prospective spouse)
Be the right age (18 or above)
Meet relationship requirements (your prospective spouse must be an Australian citizen/Australian permanent resident/eligible New Zealand citizen)
Meet the health requirement
Meet the character requirement
Have no debt to the Australian Government
Best interest of the child.

Application Process

Provide accurate information. As a visa applicant, you must prove your identity and provide true information with your application.
Unless you are authorised, you must apply online and be outside Australia at the time of application.
Upload all information
Application acknowledged by the Department
You must be outside Australia when visa is approved (unless you meet COVID-19 concession then you can be in Australia when visa is approved)