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Project Introduction

The Migrant Innovation Northern Territory (MINT) program is an initiative owned by the Darwin Innovation Hub and Paspalis Group, being supported by the Northern Territory (NT) Government.


The eligible applicant needs to invest $520,000 in the Northern Territory Government’s designated Paspalis Innovation Investment Fund and will be nominated for a state sponsorship by the Northern Territory Government. 

Project Advantages

Live, work and study in Australia indefinitely
Sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia
Express approval projects
The investment amount is lower than the investment immigration category
The Northern Territory has many job opportunities and strong development
Enrol in Medicare (Australia’s public healthcare system)
Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible

General Application Requirements

The applicant must be under 45 years old.
The applicant must have an Expression of Interest (EOI) score of at least 50 or 60 points
Meet the minimum immigration requirements set by the Australian government.
The applicant must hold a valid skilled assessment.
The applicant must hold a valid English proficiency score
The applicant must invest $520,000 Australian dollars
Must not have Strong Links to Other Regions of Australia, unless they also have Strong Links to the Northern Territory

Application Process

Preliminary assessment of individual situation and tailor-made plans
Applicant enters into a placement agreement with Paspalis and pays the placement fee. MINT placement fees are $38,500, payable directly to Paspalis. (If the current quota is used up, the Applicant can join the waitlist by depositing $7,700 payable directly to Paspalis. This amount is non-refundable, and is a part of the total placement fees);
Panel agent lodges an online application to MigrationNT
Applicant receives provisional approval for visa nomination from MigrationNT
Applicant makes an application to invest in PIIF and pays $520,000 to PIIF Trustee (must be within 30 days of receiving provisional approval). Information Memorandum is available on request;
PIIF Trustee performs AML/KYC on funds transfer and completes PIIF application process;
Visa application forwarded to Federal Department of Home Affairs.
Waiting for visa review
Visa approved