188C Significant Investor Stream

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Project Introduction

The 188C visa is often referred to as a significant investor visa. It is a four-year temporary residence visa specially established for applicants who have certain financial strength and are willing to make a compliant investment of AUD 5 million in Australia. This visa is suitable for high assets, high-income earners. After the visa is approved, the applicant can transfer to the 888C permanent residence visa after maintaining a compliant investment of 5 million for four years and meeting certain living conditions.

Project Advantages

No age limit
No English language tests required
No EOI minimum score requirements
Fast approval
The residence requirements are relaxed, and two visa extensions can be applied for
Can bring eligible direct family members to apply for temporary residence and corresponding permanent residence visas
Visa holders are free to travel to and from Australia
While holding a visa, children can study in Australian public primary and secondary schools for free

Application Requirements

Get an invitation to state/territory government or Austrade nomination and visa applications
Have at least 5 million Australian dollars in assets
Invest at least AUD 5 million in designated investment areas prior to visa approval
At least A$1 million in eligible Australian venture capital or growth private equity funds (VC/PE) investing in start-up or small private companies
A minimum of AUD 1.5 million invested in an eligible managed fund or a Listed Investment Company (LIC) that invests in emerging companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
AUD 2.5 million invested in a fund portfolio or listed investment company
Have not engaged in illegal business or investment activities
Commitment not to sue the federal government for any loss of assets resulting from the above investment behavior

Application Process

You must give us an Expression of Interest (EOI), be nominated by a State or Territory, and then be invited to apply.
You will need to prove your identity, and provide documents about your business and assets. You also need to provide documents about family members applying with you.
Apply for this visa online in ImmiAccount. You must be invited to apply. Your invitation letter contains instructions on how to lodge your application.
Application received
Visa Approved.