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Project Introduction

TAFE courses (Technical And Further Education) are also known as Australian technical and continuing education. TAFE courses in Australia mainly provide vocational higher education courses to students, which are characterized by a wide range of courses and low tuition fees. TAFE offers a large number of courses, and popular courses include finance, architecture, nursing and more.

After completing at least two years of TAFE courses, you can also apply for undergraduate courses in other universities in Australia. Whether you want to work or to continue your studies, TAFE courses are always a very good choice. After graduating from TAFE, students will receive academic qualifications certified by the Vocational Education and Training (VET) department, such as first-level to fourth-level certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, etc. In many cases, courses earned through TAFE study can be converted into partial credits for a bachelor’s degree.

Project Advantages

Easy admission and low tuition fees

The admission difficulty of TAFE is relatively low. You only need to meet the IELTS score of 5.5 (you can also apply for language schools if you do not meet the standard), and other academic requirements are relatively low. Compared with the tuition fees of undergraduate colleges, TAFE only costs about 5,000-8,000 Australian dollars for a semester, which is very cost-effective.

2. Focuses on practical exercises and Beneficial for immigration

Compared with the curriculum of undergraduate institutions, TAFE focuses more on practicality. The curriculum is geared towards employment, helping graduates to find work quickly. Many courses are tailored to local employment needs, in occupations that are in short supply on the immigration occupation lists. Students can work seamlessly and achieve financial independence, also having the opportunity to immigrate faster.

In a relaxed learning environment, students directly apply for an undergraduate degree after graduation

TAFE courses are relatively slow-paced for students and courses can be arranged for about 3 days a week. In addition, TAFE courses can often be directly transferred to university credits, and it is very easy to apply for further studies in famous schools in the future.

Application Requirements

Age requirements: between 18 and 45
Educational requirements: High School students / graduates, College students / graduates, professionals
English ability requirements: IELTS 5.5, and individual bands cannot be lower than 5. If the English result is unqualified, language program can be arranged in the language centre under TAFE, and then transfer to the main course.