Foundation Programs

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Project Introduction

The Foundation Course is a university preparatory course, which helps high school students to replace the senior year with university courses or help students who are currently unable to directly enter university undergraduate studies. Each university has set up relevant preparatory courses for students. After completing the preparatory courses, as long as passing the corresponding examinations, students can successfully enter the university.

Project Advantages

Low application difficulty and high success rate of admission to universities

Applying for foundation courses requires the average score of the high school second-year learning to be above 80. If so, students can successfully apply to the top eight universities in Australia. IELTS needs to be 5.5 points or above, otherwise, students need to attend language classes. The admission rate to universities from foundation courses has reached an average of about 88%. After completing the foundation courses, there is no need to take additional examinations. After meeting the foundation course examination requirements, you can enter the undergraduate course. If you study on the right track when entering the foundation courses, you are 100% entering the gate of your ideal university!

Better adaption to university life

The main course of the foundation courses is set by the university, and the course pattern is highly similar to that of the undergraduate course. The foundation course provides a good transition period from high school life to university life and cultivates students' consciousness and learning ability. Students admitted by the foundation courses tend to be more attuned to university life and its teaching model than the students of the college entrance examination. During the foundation course studying period, the university will also provide many internships, activities and language courses, etc., to help students better experience the life of studying abroad and feel the local culture.

Application requirements

Completion of Chinese Senior High School Second Year or equivalent Australian Senior High School Year 11
Achieve an IELTS score of 5-5.5 or attend the language classes