Student Visa Expire

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Project Introduction

February and March are generally the peak period for student visa renewals. Every year, some students forget when their visa expires, resulting in overstaying in Australia.

How do I get my student visa back after overstaying? How long is it overdue?

Processing within 28 days of expiration:

If the overdue period does not exceed 28 days, the 28-day Grace Period (grace period) can be used, and one person can only use it once in a lifetime. It can directly renew a new student visa in China;

Processing expired more than 28 days:

If it has been overdue for more than 28 days, there will be a 4014 clause and you will not be able to enter Australia for the next 3 years. However, based on our successful cases, this 3-year ban can also be waived and a student visa can be re-issued (please contact us for your specific situation).